CreoPop 3D Printer Pen with Innovative Cool Inks

What is it?
Revolution in the world of 3D-pens. No more smoke, smell, danger of burn and clogged nozzles! Creopop uses the method of “cold printing” using photopolymer ink!

CreoPop 3D Printer Pen with Innovative Cool Inks
Creopop is a new hand-held 3D printer that uses the “cold printing” method.

3D printers, even the most portable ones, usually require high temperatures, which are energy costs, an unpleasant smell and a potential burn hazard. To save the user from all the “hot” inconveniences, the team of inventors Creopop created a “cold” handle for 3D printing. The device works with a photopolymer, which quickly solidifies under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Stereolithography using photopolymers has long been known and widely used in 3D printing, but it seems that CreoPop is indeed the first case of using this technology in a portable consumer device.

“Handle” is a small device made of safe and durable materials, which is very comfortable to hold in your hand. Ergonomic design CreoPop makes “manual” 3D printing simple and convenient even for the child and allows you to fully surrender to the creative process.

Together with the device, the developers created a whole series of different types of “ink” – photopolymers. Photopolymers, solidifying with ultraviolet radiation (familiar to each of the visits to the dentist) by the efforts of the creators of the “pen” have become very different – color, luminescent, magnetic, elastic, aromatic, for body-tattoo and shiny.

How it works?
Instead of melting and squeezing plastic, CreoPop works on laser stereolithography technology. As in the SLA 3D printers presented in today’s market, the ink for this pen is a light-sensitive resin that solidifies under the influence of an ultraviolet laser. Unlike other 3D pens, it is safe for children, since it does not have heating elements. In it, nothing melts. The resin flows from the tip of the pen and freezes under the influence of an ultraviolet laser whose power corresponds to the brightness of sunlight at noon.

Another advantageous difference between CreoPop and 3D handles of the first generation is that it is wireless – it runs on the built-in battery, therefore, it does not require an outlet or any power source. It is enough to have a computer or adapter to charge the pen through the USB connector.

Changing the ink cartridge takes a few seconds. CreoPop works from a battery that is recharged from the USB port. One cartridge with ink is sufficient for a 14 meter line with a width of 3 mm.

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