Elgato Eve Button

What is it?
Elgato Eve Button is a wireless control button that you can control all devices integrated into the smart home system Apple HomeKit. With the help of the button it is possible to control light, temperature, household appliances, music, and also to set up various scenarios, for example “I am at home”, “Evening”, “Morning”, etc. The button connects to the control center via Bluetooth and supports three different actions. Energy for work gadget gets from a replaceable battery CR2032.

Elgato Eve Button

Elgato Eve Button is made in a square plastic case in the size 52 x 52 x 13 mm. The front panel is touchscreen, it shows the actual button. The lateral edges are silvery in color. On the back there are a battery compartment, a sticker with a QR code for downloading the HomeKit application, as well as background information. A compact gadget can be carried with you in your pocket so that it is always at hand.

How it works?
To work Elgato Eve Button you need a control center, which should be found in the apartment or in the house. It can be permanently turned on Apple TV 4K, Apple TV (4th generation), Apple TV (3rd generation) or iPad. The button and all devices integrated into the smart home system are connected to the control center via Bluetooth. To configure Eve Button for specific commands, you must first connect it to the HomeKit application. The application is easy to find in the appStore by the QR code, which is glued to the back of the gadget. Manage the button itself and watch the information can be remotely, the gadget is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

In the application, you can set three scenarios or actions that will be activated by a single, double or long press.Actions in the HomeKit application are represented by stickers, and you must create the actions yourself. The user can set a variety of scenarios: “I’m at home”, according to which the light and the kettle will turn on (for example, through the smart outlet of Elgato Eve Energy) and start the music or the “Evening” scenario, when the curtains are closing, the light is turned on . In addition, using the button, you can activate motion sensors (for example, Elgato Eve Motion), and when there is no one at home, the heating of the room will decrease.

The user can connect several buttons of the Elgato Eve Button in one application, so that all members of the family can manage the smart house. As a power element in the smart button is used a replacement battery CR2032, which is enough for several months of work.

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