MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

What is it?
Now you can enjoy your favorite espresso anywhere and anytime. Innovative development from the company Wacaco Company has changed our perception of cumbersome and immobile coffee machines! Just take a mini-device with you and make an espresso in a matter of seconds.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker
The format of the device is really “pocket”. The gadget looks like an average sized capsule-thermometer with a height of 17.5 cm. However, it is professionally organized and functions no worse than stationary “colleagues”. You do not have to carry a cup with you. The lid of the bulb acts as a cup. Inside, the device includes a container for filling up ground coffee and a special spatula for falling asleep and tamping coffee into a container. In the case of Minipresso there is a button connected to the piston of the built-in pump, which allows you to get a hot espresso.

How it works?
To prepare espresso, you will need ground coffee, boiling water and Mini Mini Coffee Machine MiniPresso. Unscrew the top flask of the mini coffee machine and pour the ground coffee into the inside container with a special spatula. In the lower flask, pour boiling water and connect the parts of the coffee machine. Turn over and press on the pump so that the proper pressure rises inside.

Espresso requires a decent pressure of 9 atmospheres and it is created by the user himself. You need 18 movements to create an espresso. Do you want a double? Hence, 28. Easiest – for 13 times – to achieve ristretto.

Easy to use Minipresso is the uniqueness of the design. A small amount of water under pressure enters the container with coffee. After reaching the optimum pressure, a tasty and invigorating espresso is ready for use.

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