Mophie Charge Force Case – Made for iPhone 7

What is it?
The Qi standard allows you to charge mobile devices wirelessly, simply by placing them on the docking station. In addition, the Qi standard allows you to charge your smartphone much faster than a regular cable. Not all modern smartphones support wireless charging, but you can always purchase an adapter to make life easier. Manufacturers of Mophie took care of the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus and developed a special case that has a built-in adapter for wireless charging. With built-in magnets and compatibility with most wireless docking stations, charging can be done at the dock at home, in the office or in the car. The gadget is compatible with all Mophie charging stations.

Mophie Charge Force Case - Made for iPhone 7
The cover is a bumper for IPhone 7 Plus. The body is made of hard, durable material. The top is stylized under the skin, so that the cover is pleasant to the touch. Excellent material quality provides durability and an ideal appearance over a long time of use. Built-in magnets allow you to charge the smartphone in almost any position, simply put it on the docking station.

How it works?
Like all wireless chargers, the Mophie Charge Force Case operates in accordance with the Qi standard on the principle of induction power transmission, as elsewhere. The case is equipped with a special receiver and a system of magnets. The coverage of the wireless charging is 6 mm, which is safe for humans. The Mophie scheme prevents network congestion and protects against overheating.

First you need to install a cover. The gadget is equipped with a Lightning adapter, which must be inserted into the appropriate port to start charging. This adapter is removable, it can be removed if you need to charge the phone with a cable. The docking station is connected via a wire to the power supply. The magnets built into the bumper and docking station are securely connected, and the charging process starts automatically. Please note that the docking station is not included in the delivery.

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