Picooc Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Digital Body Weight Scale

What is it?

Everyone who cares about his health knows how important it is to have a high-precision scales at home. Specialists PICOOC decided not to waste time and created Picooc Mini – the scales of the last generation, which in just three seconds determine not only the weight, but also the body mass index, water percentage and other biometric parameters. Thanks to the sensitive sensor, the smart gadget notices the slightest changes in the body.
Picooc Mini has a compatible application for smartphones based on iOS and Android, which displays the history of weighing and gives useful recommendations that allow you to maintain your body in the right form.

Picooc Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Digital Body Weight Scale

Picooc Mini is much smaller and thinner than its counterparts, at a width of 26 cm the model has a thickness of only 2 cm. The square case of the gadget is made of high-quality plastic and is capable of withstanding loads up to 150 kg. Bright LED figures can be seen even in poor lighting, and rounded edges make the use of scales as safe as possible for the owner.

For a more accurate weighing on the scale, it is customary to become barefoot. Therefore, the top panel of the Picooc Mini is made of tempered glass and has a nice non-slip coating.

How it works?
Picooc Mini uses the bioimpedance method: a small current is passed through the user’s body. Due to it in just a few seconds 12 biometric parameters are measured: weight, percentage of fatty deposits, percentage of visceral fat, protein, basal metabolism (basic metabolism), muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage, body mass index, body type, body age and the mass of skeletal muscles. A sensitive sensor contributes to the maximum measurement accuracy and notices even the smallest changes that have occurred in your body. It should be noted that weights can not be used by people with pacemakers! Pregnant before use should consult with a doctor, as there may be inaccuracies in the measurements.

The resulting gadget is sent to the Russian-language application PICOOC, which is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. Then, based on current indicators, the intellectual system itself selects the recommendations necessary to achieve the ideal form. Smart scales are synchronized with a smartphone or tablet using the built-in Bluetooth module. In order to get results on a mobile device, just start the application and stand on the scale. The PICOOC application allows you to log by metrics that are not measured by weights, such as waist circumference, hips, etc. to track changes.

Picooc Mini can be used by the whole family: the application remembers an unlimited number of users. The device is powered by three 1.5V AAA batteries. Day after day, the clever Picooc Mini scales help to track weight changes. This gadget will be an indispensable assistant in the struggle for a beautiful and healthy body.

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