Razor Jetts

What is it?
Razor Jetts are lightweight rollers that can be strapped to conventional shoes. If for children and adolescents such accessories are on the market in large numbers, then for adults this was difficult to find. However, the urban transport manufacturer Razor also took care of adults. Razor Jetts gives the opportunity to enjoy the ride on the rollers without too much effort. They are great for driving in urban conditions.

Razor Jetts
A special platform and adjustable belts in a matter of seconds will turn any shoes into rollers. Their weight is only half a kilogram, so they can be taken with you into a normal backpack or bag. Rollers are suitable for shoes up to 46 sizes.

Razor Jetts are a unique design for shoes. Ryder puts them directly over his sneakers. The special stand is securely attached to the foot. The maximum possible load is 80 kilograms. The wheels are made of polyurethane, and the diameter is 50 millimeters. Small irregularities on the road will be almost invisible.

The main material of the rollers is durable plastic. The footrest is also made of the same material. In addition, the platform covers only the heel. Rollers are adjusted to the size of the foot thanks to adjustable straps on Velcro.

How it works?
Rollers do not require assembly and are ready for use right out of the box. The accessory is attached over the everyday sneakers or sneakers. Comfortable belts are tightened and securely fastened to the foot. A special stand made of durable plastic provides a comfortable ride. In addition, the site covers only the heel, which means that a person at any time can go to a step.

Rollers are designed for both children and adults. Suitable size of children’s shoes – up to the 29th, adult – up to the 46th. Belts are equipped with Velcro and are adjustable in length and width. During the ride, sparks can fly from under the wheels thanks to a replaceable sparking element, which only adds to the trip of spectacularity.

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