Yeah Racing Adjustable Steering Tie-Rod Set Tamiya TT-02 EP RC Cars #TT02-012

$12.28 (as of March 2, 2021, 11:04 pm)

Yeah Racing Adjustable Steering Tie-Rod Set For Tamiya TT02 #TT02-012 Description: This is a Yeah Racing Adjustable Steering Tie Rod set for Upgrading Tamiya TT02. The Tie-Rod has always been a critical part of the steering mechanism which greatly affect the steering effectiveness and precision. The rod set used high quality steel pillow ball joint to replace stock plastic parts, which will increase durability as well ensure maximum performance is maintained. Another benefit of replacing the ball joint with high grade steel is to greatly reducing friction between the moving parts and therefore quicker steering response and better steering precision can be achieved. The Steering Tie Rod Set is adjustable which means you can easily adjust the toe angle of the front wheels to fit different tracks and road surfaces. Generally speaking, toe-in will allows are more stable drive in straight line and toe out will increase the initial turning responsiveness.Feature:For: Tamiya TT02Material: Plastic / SteelColor: Black Include:Delrin Ball End (6 pcs)3 x 23mm Steel Turnbuckle (2 pcs)3 x 32mm Steel Turnbuckle (1 pc)4.8mm Ball Connector (6 pcs)Manual (1 pc)

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