SPUNI Baby’s First Feeding Spoon

What is it?
There are no more problems to teach the child to eat on their own. Now this process will become fascinating and bright with new Spooni Soft Spoon spoons. The design of many children’s spoons is only the design of adults, not taking into account the physiological characteristics and biological needs of babies. The design of Spooni Soft Spoon spoons is made in such a way that the children get a portion of food they can and can easily grasp the spoon.

SPUNI Baby’s First Feeding Spoon
The peculiarity of the spoon is in its design. The special shape of the cup-shaped part of the spoon is made in the form of a tulip, so that it is easier for babies to grab food on a spoon and swallow it. The very cup-shaped part of small sizes, which helps the child get that portion of food that he can absorb. Manufacturers specifically did not use silicone or latex in the production of a spoon to avoid the risks of allergies. As a material, a medically approved thermoplastic elastomer was used. The same material is used in making the nipple. The material is non-toxic and does not contain bisphenol A, S and phthalates. Children like doubles spoons: for convenience and for bright colors.

In a set of 2 spoons: blue and orange.

How it works?
In use it is the same spoon as everything, just designed specifically for infants, to make the feeding process easy and not so messy. The special design of the cup-shaped part is made so that the baby grabs the spoon, that is, the reflex wakes up. Grabbing the spoon, the child reflexively begins to suck the food lying on it, then swallowing it.

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