UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine

What is it?
With the UniTerra portable Nomad Espresso Machine, you can enjoy fresh, high-end coffee anywhere. With a unique
built-in technology “True Crema Valve”, you can make premium coffee, even from not very high-quality grains. Nomad Espresso Machine features a unique design that you have not yet met.

UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine
Externally “Nomad Espresso Machine” is similar to a work of art. The coffee machine is made as if from geometric figures: squares, standing on top of each other and a rectangle with rounded edges attached to the square. On the upper square there is a handle and an indicator of the force of pressure on the lever, and on the rectangle itself the lever to make coffee. These parts are made of metal.

The coffee machine is presented in two colors: luminescent green and blue cobalt.

How it works?
To prepare an espresso, you will need with you ground coffee, boiling water and Nomad Espresso Machine. In the top box is a container in which you pour the ground coffee. From below there is a water tank. Then you just press the lever. Looking at the indicator arrow, you can easily determine what the force of pressure on the lever. By the way, the stronger the pressure, the thicker the foam on the espresso. The mug is placed under the dangling upper square. Thanks to the True Crema Valve technology, you do not need to compact the coffee and be afraid that you will get into the espresso granules. The technology filters them.

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