Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet

What is it?
Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – the second generation of smart fitness bracelet from the company Xiaomi. The bracelet has a built-in optical pulse sensor and a three-axis accelerometer, which helps to monitor physical activity, calorie consumption and sleep quality. A useful accessory will be enjoyed by professional athletes, as well as by those who monitor their health. You can see the results not only on the smartphone, but also on the OLED-display, which got the second version.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet
Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a tracker in the form of a capsule, inserted into a silicone bracelet. The main difference in appearance from the previous generation model is the availability of an information monochrome display. This display shows the steps taken, the distance covered, calorie consumption, heart rate and time. The round touch button instantly reacts to the touch and switches the indicators to each other.

Like the previous model, Mi Band 2 has miniature dimensions and light weight (only 7g), looks stylish and almost does not feel on the arm. The strap of the bracelet is adjustable in length from 155 to 210 mm. For Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is available a large number of interchangeable straps of various colors.

How it works?
Before using the bracelet, you need to install the MiFit application on the smartphone, available in PlayMarket and appStore in Russian. After that, you need to charge the bracelet, activate it on your Bluetooth smartphone and turn on the device search in the application – the tracker will automatically connect.

Smart Bracelet Mi Band 2 provides information about the physical activity of the owner. It measures the distance traveled, counts the number of steps and calories expended, and also determines the heart rate. The device tracks sleep phases, which allows you to adjust your schedule. All these functions are possible thanks to the built-in optical pulse sensor and a three-axis accelerometer. In the MiFit application, the user not only can view the total sleep time, but also how long the deep and shallow sleep lasted.

Using MiFit, you can calculate the total time that he spent on sports, walking, driving cars, physical exercises, etc. To do this, the application has “Behavioral Tags”: it’s enough just before any occupation to select it in the application and click on the “start” Sport profiles are taken out separately, this includes running in the open air, running track, biking and walking.

In addition, the user can set on the fitness bracelet the standard functions of smart watches: notifications about current and missed calls, SMS messages, application signals, and also set the alarm. In addition, the bracelet allows you to unlock the smartphone screen. Mi Band 2 stores measurement data in internal memory and synchronizes it with the application every time you connect to the smartphone. The bracelet battery is designed for about 20 days of battery life and is charged for several hours. The charger is included

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