Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

What is it?
Growing in popularity, Xiaomi strives to show its products in all segments of the market for electronic devices. And the company does not just want to light up, but to produce a quality, competitive product at a democratic price. So, the company has already mastered the drones market, having produced a powerful Xiaomi Mi Drone quadrocopter, which has excellent design quality, exquisite performance and impressive characteristics. Attractive and high-tech quad copter Xiaomi Mi Drone with control panel became a budget competitor of drones DJI.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K
Like any gadget of the company, Xiaomi Mi Drone stands out against the background of its peers with an exceptional, minimalistic and elegant design. The Xiaomi Quad Copter is a modular design that allows you to fold its chassis and shoot the camera. It fully meets the standards of air transport, so you can simply put it in a backpack for 35 liters and go anywhere in the world.

The Xiaomi is characterized by a high-strength and lightweight design. By reducing the thickness of the shell shell, the average value of which is only 1.2 mm, it was possible to reduce the weight of the aircraft and increase its flight performance.

Thanks to a special wing-type aircraft screw ARA-D, longer blades and streamlined body, inertia has decreased and the level of aerodynamic efficiency has increased. On the lower part of the body of the drone, with the help of a 3-axis stabilizer, a module with a 1080p camera is fixed. The 3-axis suspension instantly reacts to the deviations of the camera in any planes, ensuring smooth video recording and photo shooting.

The compact control panel is made of the same matte white plastic as the drone. On the transmitter on the sides are rubberized inserts for maximum convenience during control. The panel has all the necessary buttons: return reset toggle, control knobs, auto-landing, switch-on / off of the console with the charge indicator and two programmable buttons at the back. The on / off buttons of the console and the take-off / landing have a red backlight. Front on the console there is a folding fastening for a smartphone with a screen diagonal of at least 6 inches.

How it works?
With Xiaomi Mi Drone, the flight control process has become simple and affordable for everyone who does not have the experience of “playing” with similar gadgets. Xiaomi Quad-copter can be controlled both from the application on the smartphone and from the remote control. The remote control included with the holder for the smartphone at the touch of a button performs automatic take-off, descent, return flight and starts the autopilot. Drone supports three control modes:

Planning an automatic flight route: Xiaomi flies on a pre-established route and returns home with a full photo and video report
Automatic flight mode with destination indication: after specifying the destination of the flight, the quadrocopter will fly to the designated place
Automatic circular flight: after you have decided on the center point, height, radius and speed, the launched Xiaomi will start flying around this point, taking off spectacular professional shots
Built-in camera module has a wide-angle lens with low distortion and shoots a three-dimensional image with a resolution of 1080p. The microchip installed in the camera calculates motion compensation in real time depending on the flight conditions, while the 3-axis suspension guarantees high image stabilization even at high flight speeds. The video being shot is transmitted in real time via the radio channel to the remote control, with a transmission limit of up to 1000 m.

The large capacity of the Xiaomi battery in 5100 mAh allows the drone to extend the flight to 27 minutes. Xiaomi Quadro Copter is characterized by full control, quick response and smooth, precise movements that make the control process simple and enjoyable.

Quadrocopter Xiaomi supports two GPS and GLONASS systems, which provide high speed and accuracy of positioning, as well as stability in the mode of hovering in the air. Four-core Cortex-A7 processor and advanced algorithms for visual perception of the light flux have improved the process of determining the Earth’s surface, due to which the drone can hang at one point while being in an enclosed space.

When the battery charge is used, the system calculates the necessary time for a return flight based on the current distance and altitude, and then sends a notification of return. At takeoff, the drone can record the place of departure. And when the signal is lost, go back to the starting point. The Xiaomi Quadrooperator automatically hangs in the air at the border of restricted areas, such as airports, to avoid dangerous situations.

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